Puffy Foam

Puffy Foam is a product which adds dimension to your embroidery. Puffy Foam is made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It is water-resistant, non-toxic, and can be machine washed. Please note that this product is flammable.


Tips & Tricks:
-Always remember to widen your column stitch.
-You need to cap off the ends of the designs.
-Do NOT use any adhesive to hold foam in place.
-When doing hats, hoop the foam. When doing flats, simply lay foam on your garment. Do the first 3 stitches at a low speed, and then   increase speed.   The foam will remain in place. 
-While you are learning, try to match the foam color and the thread color.
-Always remember to increase your density. Start at 45%.
-Do NOT dry clean. Chemicals will cause the foam to disintegrate.