Emma Thomas-McGinnis, originally from Minnesota, has been making things all
her life. Being a crafty kid led her to pursue an art degree in college. Then a new
baby on the way prompted exploration of quilting, which quickly turned from a
way to keep the family warm to a truly expressive creative pursuit. Now she lives
in Urbandale, Iowa with her husband and two boys, and her house is jam-packed
with quilts. Her kids are heading off to college and life is less about finishing
quilts and more about making them. Emma loves to make art quilts and modern
patchwork quilts and enjoys teaching her friends about fun techniques, talking
quilting with her mom, and sharing her inspirations. 

Professionally, Emma is the owner of a thriving graphic design business.
Designing fabric combines her love of quilting with her finely tuned knowledge of
color and design. Emma hopes you’ll love sewing with her fabrics as much as
she enjoyed dreaming them up.