grannyn-gg.jpgNeoma Solberg and Katherine Gardner are the mother daughter team known as WESTHILLS DESIGNS. This wonderfully talented duo have produced some of the most innovative western themed fabric on the market today. Every yard is remarkable and would look spectacular on the wall of a Park Avenue art gallery.

Both Katherine and Neoma have lived their entire lives in magnificent Star Valley, Wyoming. The awe inspiring Star Valley has affected every part of their being. They are both experienced horsewomen, having both owned and ridden horses all of their lives. For Neoma and Katherine, being part of a rodeo is as commonplace as shopping at Target is for the rest of us! Their love of horses, cattle and wildlife is expressed beautifully through their fabric.

Katherine is an experienced art teacher. She taught oil painting at Western Wyoming Community College in an outreach program. She learned her techniques from renowned artists Clark Kelly Price and Kent Wallace.

Neoma is known for her outstanding quilt patterns that were sold internationally. She created an endless number of quilts for humanitarian purposes as well as for her legions of fans. Although Neoma is a country girl at heart, she specializes in sophisticated portrait painting. She studied under famed portrait artist Mueller Lux and incredibly talented Jessie Wilson.

Katherine and Neoma don't settle for less than perfection when it comes to their fabric collections. They draw on their experiences when designing and that not only adds excitement, it adds authenticity to each brush stroke they take.

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